7 Bad Lessons You Could Take Away from The Twilight Saga

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Let us preface this by saying that we heart ourselves some Twilight. No really, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn — we'd marathon 'em all day if we could. However, when it comes to actual morals/lessons, the saga's got some pretty bad ones…

1. Clingy/violent boyfriend? Yes, please! There's a fine line between protective and overprotective, and Edward completely crosses it — over and over again. Let the girl breathe!


2. Your world should revolve around one person. Edward's not the only bad link in the relationship; Bella relies on him too much. So much so that when he disappears, she falls apart completely. It's one thing to feel hurt after a breakup; it's a whole other thing to swirl into a deep, dark depression like your only reason for breathing left you.


3. Ditch all your friends when a hot guy comes along — they'll still be there when you want them back. True friends will be there for you, sure, but we hate when girls drop everything — including their BFFs — for a guy, and EXPECT nothing to have changed. Sistahs before mistahs, people!

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4. Cut off all contact with your ex — all will be easily forgiven. Bella, you could've made him work for it just a wee bit longer.


5. Love should be based on the purely physical. Edward said it from the beginning — he was obsessed with Bella's smell; her blood. Bloodlust = happily ever after? Yeah, k.


6. Okay, let's compromise… by getting hitched. Umm, Bella's still a teenager. Couldn't you compromise by picking the next movie for date night or trying out a new food? ANYTHING else?

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7. Age doesn't matter. Jacob's a teenager when Renesmee's born and 'imprints' on her — bleh. But they have nothing on Edward & Bella's, like, 100-year age gap. Actual statutory rape here.

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