6 Twilight Actresses Who Were Featured in Awesome Music Videos

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At first, when YA novels get turned into big-budget films, the actors can be kind of… obscure. In other words, for the young people who star in these films, it’s very possible that these movies are their first big break in Hollywood. However, once the hoards of die-hard fans show up to the midnight premier of the film adaptation to their fave YA novel, all obscurity is out the window. Suddenly, these once unknown celebrities can’t seem to move their fingers fast enough to follow back their millions of fans on Twitter, Instagram and everything in between.

Not only do these celebs suddenly have to deal with paparazzi and crazed fans, but they’re also approached to participate in many more projects once the world finally knows who they are. For some, it’s another movie. For others, they’re asked to endorse a product or appear on the cover of a high-fashion magazine. Some of these fresh faces are even asked to appear in the music videos of some of their favorite musicians, which, we’re not going to lie, is pretty freakin’ cool.

The most recent YA actress to be rumored to be in an upcoming music video is The Host‘s Saoirse Ronan. If you keep up with the young star, you’ve probably heard all the chatter about her possibly being featured in Ed Sheeran‘s music video for his song, “Galway Girl.” But before we get too excited about the rumors, let’s take a look back at the female stars from one of our ~other~ fave film adaptations, Twilight — which just so happens to be written by the same author as The Host, Stephenie Meyer — and the incredible music videos that they were featured in: