9 Big-Name Actors Who Actually Stole Props from the Set of Twilight

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Taking souvenirs from movie sets USUALLY isn’t allowed, but that hasn’t stopped some of your favorite actors and actresses from walking away with memorable items from their time on a film. Some stars take meaningful mementos that’ll hold a place in their hearts forever, while others swipe things simply because they feel like doing so. Think about it — you spend months working on a film set for 12+ hours a day, and suddenly you’re supposed to just say goodbye without anything personal to remember what you accomplished? No thanks.

The celebs of The Twilight Saga made sure not to let the series wrap without bringing home some of their favorite trinkets. The film’s biggest stars like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene all took items home with them, and we’re sure they still have ’em today. Even though some people may not be thrilled with their decision to work on a YA film in the past, props are def still a nice memory to have.