20 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings for Crazy Rich Asians Star Henry Golding

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Tweets about Henry Golding

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Wow, you guys! Crazy Rich Asians just hit theaters, and already, we’re hearing rave reviews! Not only are people loving the storyline and the representation of the Asian community, but there’s also a lot to look at — and yes, we are talking about the incredibly good-looking cast.

In particular, we were really looking forward to seeing Henry Golding play the role of Nick Young because, LBR, he’s FINE. Of course, we won’t tell you much about the movie, ’cause you should totally pay to see it for yourself, but you’ll be glad to know that Henry did NOT disappoint, and it seems like pretty much everyone that’s seen the flick agrees! Check out all of these tweets, which accurately sum up all of our Henry feels: