From Gossip Girl to Pretty Little Liars, The Best Hair on TV

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Most of the time, people have better hair on TV than the real-life people they portray, but there are some shows that simply have hair that’s, like, beyond. How do we expect the little liars to keep their hair looking perfect when they’re worrying about the many faces of A, ya know? Check out the on-screen tresses we’re most jealous of.

Pretty Little Liars
The liars are supposed to live in a well-to-do area, so it’s no surprise if they’re shilling out the big bucks for top hair care products. Or Hanna’s shoplifting them. (Remember that?) That’s all behind Hanna now, but her awesome hair isn’t! The same’s to say for the rest of the little liars. Shay Mitchell does have a Pantene modeling contract for a reason, guys.

ABC Family

They always say that looking hot is the best kind of revenge. These characters probably looked hot to begin with before this complicated, back-stabbing plot began. With Emily VanCamp  leading the hair pack, she’s not going to let a little bit of drama ruffle her perfect blowout.


Hart of Dixie
Perfectly coiffed hair can be tough to maintain in the hot and humid South, but these belles manage to keep everything looking perf. The added bonus? There’s a lot of personality packed into the hair! But what else would you expect when model-turned-actress Jaimie King plays Rachel Bilson’s southern belle rival? The girls’ have got some impressive locks!

The CW

Jane by Design
It ain’t always easy having curly hair. (Trust us, we know.) So we love a show that fully embraces curl! From naturally curly-haired (we think) girl Erica Dasher to the sophisticated waves of India de Beaufort, we’re hooked on these hairstyles.

ABC Family

Gossip Girl
No best hair list can come to an end without our beloved GG. Leighton Meester and Blake Lively have envy-inducing hair. Even the boys, like Penn Badgley have super styled ‘dos. (Isn’t he supposed to be some kinda struggling writer? Their hair normally isn’t that good.) But wouldn’t you use a bit of your trust fund to secure every hair in its place for paparazzi and anyone under 30 with a camera phone?  All the better to avoid the wrath of Gossip Girl!

The CW

Did we miss any shows with great hair? Whose locks are you most jealous of?

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