7 TV Spin-Offs That Need to Happen

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The Glee spin-off may be dead in the water (can’t wait to see what happens in the “revolutionary” 4th season!) but there’s a whole bunch of other shows that I think could have awesome spin-offs. I can’t even count how many successful TV shows began their lives as one (Melrose Place, The Amanda Show, Angel, The Hills, The Simpsons) and I could totally get on board with these characters from new shows doing the same. Can you?

Victorious >> Trina Goes to Camp
Trina has such a passion for singing and dancing she would be the perfect camp counselor at a musical theater camp. The singing, the dancing, the screaming, the trying to steal the spotlight from her campers. I can see it already.

Hannah Montana >> Lily’s Semester Abroad
Lily goes on the adventure of a lifetime and spends time away from Hannah for the first time as a grown-up.It’s independent Lily at her best. She’s tries to learn the language, make friends, eat new foods and pretty much gets herself into trouble at every corner, but in a good way, you know?

The Vampire Diaries >> Lexi Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names
Stefan’s best friend Lexi may be gone (or dead, just a small technicality!), but I’d watch her kick butt in whatever realm she exists in. That goes for Anna, too.

90210 >> Adrianna & Dixon Make Music
Adrianna and Dixon move in together and start their respective music careers. He can DJ at some hot Hollywood clubs. She can work on original music and getting a record deal. Then maybe she even sell her songs on iTunes. It worked for Glee

Pretty Little Liars >> Aria and Ezra Excelled Adventure
I’m tired of one-way phone calls between Aria & Ezra (I’m sure you guys are, too). I think it’s time they run away together and have a romantic adventure. I propose a summer series as they backpack across Europe. Sigh.

Gossip Girl >> The Minions Strike Back
The time is going to come when Blair Waldorf will have outgrown her minions. The only problem is, I haven’t. I’d love to see the minions’ lives away from their leader. I miss Nelly Yuki. There, I said it. For all we know, Nelly is running a Fortune 500 company by now.

Awkward. >> Aunt Ally, Oh, No!
Aunt Ally definitely made an impression when she made Jenna (aka Lil Bitch) throw a party. This show would be about Ally’s life back home where she works as a waitress/receptionist/salesgirl with a bad attitude, lives in a tiny apartment, and watches too much Real Housewives. Uh, on second thought, this show may not be the best idea after all.

Which of these spinoffs would you want to see the most? What other shows should get their own spinoff? Tell me!

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