7 Pairs of TV Siblings That Are Actually Best Friends in Real Life

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Celebrity best friends come in all shapes and sizes. There are celeb BFFs that met on the set of their YA movies and there are stars that worked with their besties after becoming friends. A LOT of best friends met on the Disney Channel, but they didn’t always play friends or even family members. TV siblings who are besties IRL are probably one of the greatest versions of celeb BFFs. Even if their characters hate each other, like many siblings (on or off screen) do, there are many celeb duos that are obsessed with one another off screen.

After working together for a long time there are even some TV co-stars that end up being in each other’s wedding parties, which is so cute. TV co-stars that actually play siblings are even cuter, if that’s even possible. To see which of your fave TV sibs are actually BFFs off screen check out the gallery below: