8 TV Shows That Actually Have a Realistic Portrayal of Female Friendships

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Why don’t more TV shows focus on female friendships?

For the past few days, I’ve been staying up until 3am to binge watch My So-Called Life. I watched a few episodes years ago when it re-aired on TeenNick, but I never finished it. So, with the power of streaming and some added wisdom that the years have given me, I finally watched the one and only season of a cult classic that everyone agrees was canceled way too soon. I know that people go on and on about the relationship between Angela (played by Claire Danes) and the ~oh so dreamy~ Jordan Catalano (played by Jared Leto). Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was important and everything, but what really got to me was the show’s way of exploring the complexity of female friendships. From Angela’s new friendship with the always edgy Rayanne, to the slow fade from long-time BFF Sharon, the dynamic in this show hit super close to home, especially as somebody who also had an awkward falling out with a friend in high school. Watching these girls go through the motions turns me into a teary eyed sap, but I was also reminded of just how rare it is to see female friendships on TV shows that actually feel real.

Sure, there are loads of teen TV shows that feature female friendships, but let’s be real, they’re rarely the centerpiece of the show. The girls have their bonding moments and their tiffs, but it all feels so surface level, plots dedicated to exploring their relationship are reduced in favor of yet another boring romance plot. Ooh, look, a love triangle! Haven’t seen one of those before! Pfft…

So finding a TV show that actually reflects the importance that female friendships have on our own lives are rare. They’re effing gems and, like all gems’ must be cherished and shown off as much as possible. With that said, here are eight TV shows that actually portray female friendships realistically:

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