15 of the Most Depressing TV Show Cancellations Ever

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There are some shows that go on well past their prime (*COUGH How I Met Your Mother COUGH*), but then there are others whose "lives" get cut far too short. And speaking of, in case you haven't heard, The CW announced on Thursday that it had cancelled The Carrie Diaries after just two seasons.

The show — which was based on Sex & the City character Carrie Bradshaw during her high school years — wasn't necessarily the biggest ratings juggernaut, but it had a pretty dedicated fan base. It also tackled issues that real-life teens are dealing with, and did so in a very meaningful way.

Either way, it apparently was loved enough by the network, so the AnnaSophia Robb show got the ax. However, this wouldn't be the first time a TV show cancellation had people go into mild depression. For TV shows that were axed far too soon, click through the gallery below.