10 TV Shows That Tried & Failed To Be The Next Friends

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Tumblr (fyeahfriendsgifs)

Tumblr (fyeahfriendsgifs)

Friends was a really special show. It took a very simple yet widely relatable concept and turned it into a hilarious, highly rated, long-running sitcom that people are still watching over and over again today. I love Friends. If it were legal to marry a TV show, I’d marry Friends. Even though I’ve heard fans say certain seasons are weaker than others, I love every single episode. Yes, even the ones with Emily, who bugs me to no end. And obviously a lot of other people felt the same way, because it was consistently in the top ten of the final TV ratings and ran for ten seasons, which is pretty much unheard of for a sitcom these days. Even The Office only made it to nine.

Obviously there were bound to be copycat series. The whole “group of young people of both genders dating and hanging out in the city” concept has been rehashed time and time again since Friends went off the air, to varying degrees of success. In fact, there’s another one that just aired on CBS called Friends With Better Lives. Come on, it even has Friends in the title! With that in mind, let’s look at just ten of the most notable Friends wannabes to have aired in the last decade, ranked by just how close they came to recreating the magic. In the end, however, they’ve all failed in their quest, because there will never be another Friends. Can you tell I really love Friends?

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