10 of Your Favorite TV Shows That Almost Got Spin-Offs

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TV shows in general are really hit or miss, but spin-offs might be an even bigger risk. The expectations are higher because the TV execs hope that fans of the original show will cross over and support the new one… but fans aren’t always on their side. Hell, look at Ravenswood, the doomed Pretty Little Liars spin-off that, like, nobody watched. It was canceled after one season. We can even look back further and consider Joey, the Friends spin-off. Friends was one of the most popular TV series of all time, so surely a spin-off featuring one of its most beloved (and idiotic) characters would be a hit, right? LOL, wrong. Joey was just a mediocre sitcom that happened to star a character we already knew.

With all of that said, that hasn’t stopped networks from pursuing spin-offs. Sometimes they’re actually successful. For example, the spin-off of Disney Channel’s Jessie, Bunk’d, was recently renewed for a second season; and Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off, is getting a third season and is actually good. But what about the spin-offs that never were? You’re going to be pretty surprised that at least 10 of your favorite TV shows almost got spin-offs, but one thing or another led to their demise.

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