11 TV Shows for Kids Who Were Ahead of Their Time

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We don’t ever really consider children’s television shows to be avant-garde. Nah, people usually only use that phrase when we’re talking about the art world or haute couture. But trust me, this term — translating to “ahead of its time” — can be used to describe so many of the shows we grew up watching. There are so many things that go whoosh, right over our heads when we’re younger. It isn’t until we’re a little more mature and a little more hip to innuendo that we can truly appreciate how clever, progressive and funny some of these shows were. Whether they were popular or unpopular, some of these programs were just so unique that they really set the bar for children’s TV shows that followed in their footsteps.

Honestly, we’re probably thinking of a lot of the same shows right now. But just to confirm, here are 11 kid’s TV shows that were definitely ahead of their time:

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