8 Television Shows That Killed Off Characters Due to Insane Feuds

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Usually when stars get into a celebrity feud, their greatest consequence is that they’ll end up in one of Taylor Swift‘s new songs. But, for other stars, celebrity feuds could not only affect their lives and friends — but affect their careers as well! Or, at least that’s what happens if the feud you just so happen to get in involves studio heads or co-stars you don’t like.

So, how exactly can off-screen, on-set feuds affect an actor’s career? Well, there’s two different ways that a hit television show can get rid of a beloved character: re-cast their role to another actor or kill them off completely! Um…Way harsh! And, unfortunately, the actor usually doesn’t get to choose.

Here are the characters that were re-cast and killed off as a result of some insane cast and crew feuds: