15 Awesome Current TV Shows That Have a Black Female at the Helm

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We are in a turning point in the movie and television industry. Now more than ever before, there are stories being told about women and black people BY women and black people. Black Panther is breaking almost every box office record, Jordan Peele became the first black screenwriter to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and actresses like Letitia Wright are taking over our screens. What we love even more is that this representation and inclusion is spilling over onto television shows and we are seeing a ton of shows that have black female leads.

Too often the female characters have supporting and/or recurring roles. Sometimes that’s simply how the character fits into the storyline, but we can’t help but wonder what would happen if casting directors and producers actively searched for the actors of color who are just as talented and professional as white actors who usually take the lead role. We rounded up 15 current TV shows that have an awesome black female character leading the show. From Nickelodeon and Disney Channel hits to serious dramas about racial inequality, you’re going to want to watch all of these shows ASAP.