8 First Kisses on TV That You LOVED… But Were Actually Acts of Infidelity

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It seems that more often than not, most long-lasting television series feature at least one form of cheating between two characters. (Glee had a minimum of 12 characters who were unfaithful. 12!) Even if most people wouldn’t condone the act IRL, those same people love the drama of it all when it plays out on screen. We can’t help ourselves! Maybe we’re all masochists, or it could be that the two people who are committing the infidelity are meant to be, so we try to justify it.

We’re going with the latter possibility here. These eight first-kiss scenes are some of the most cherished to ever play out on television. HOWEVER, in every single case, one of the two members engaging in the lip-lock was in a relationship with someone else. Oh, the dramz… we love it!