7 Problems Only TV Characters Have

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Everyone we know in real life has problems, but thankfully, none of us have to deal with these seven problems. And that’s because basically no one does, since they only seem to happen to characters on TV shows!

1. Being unable to solve very simple misunderstandings. Sometimes it takes a whole episode to clear up the tiniest confusion. Who actually has time for that?

2. Friends who walk into your house without knocking. In the real world, that’s called “breaking and entering” and people get arrested for it.

Don't Come For Me

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3. Getting locked in a room because the door locked from the outside. Or some variation. But, in real life, most doors lock from the inside. So this is rarely, if ever, a problem.

4. Thinking someone is dead but they’re actually not. Pretty Little Liars, you know we’re talking to you.

5. Everything going wrong after saying, “What could possibly go wrong?” Ironyyyy.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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6. Having an annoying neighbor who never goes home. Everyone’s parents IRL would have subtly let that friend know IRL that their welcome was wearing thin.

Go Home Roger Sister Sister

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7. Their whole school finding out a rumor about them super quickly. As in, everyone’s already talking about their business before the period is even over. TV rumors move at super-sonic lightening speed, you know.

Amy Winehouse Rumors

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