6 TV Characters Who Were Supposed to Be Part of the LGBTQ+ Community

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LGBTQ+ representation in movies and on television has seen a dramatic positive change in recent years. Even Disney is making progressive leaps, and we love seeing it happen. It’s 2017 — being queer is more than okay, people!

What’s not okay, however, is changing an originally LGBTQ+ character to make him or her straight. WTF? This has happened a couple times on recent, popular television series and it’s been generating some serious backlash from fans and critics alike. But, as we all know, there are multiple sides to every story. Some people think it’s completely wrong to change the sexual identity of any character, because it’s a diversion from the original storyline. Others disagree, however, because lots of directors, actors and actresses have made heterosexual fictional roles queer in the past — equality is equality, right? *SMH*

To us, it feels inherently wrong to change the sexuality of a character on screen… do people think it’s more acceptable to be straight? Because it’s not. Someone’s sexual orientation shouldn’t make them more or less acceptable by any means, and since it’s such an arbitrary part of a character, when a director makes a queer character straight, it almost seems like an intentional slap in the face for those who identify as queer IRL.

Although you might not know it, many of your favorite characters on the small screen were once intended to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, but were ultimately straightwashed before the show aired. It’s been said that many of these decisions were plot-driven — but people often have a different perspective and believe it’s to avoid “scaring away” close-minded viewers.

You can come up with your own conclusion on this issue after reading the list of characters that were turned straight for TV, below: