6 TV Shows That Got Their Former Cast Members to Return for the Series Finale

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Comic-Con 2017 recently ended and we’re still reeling over all the incredible announcements were made and we can’t wait for all the upcoming projects. We won’t hide the fact that we were most excited about the very last Teen Wolf panel, and it did not disappoint. From announcing a reboot to Dylan O’Brien breaking our hearts with his sweet tribute, it was everything we could have hoped for, and more.

There were a few familiar faces that we were NOT expecting to see, but we are so glad we did. Tyler Hoechlin sent in a video apologizing for the lack of Derek Hale on the recent seasons, and then sent us all into hysterics by announcing the character’s return by showing clips of Derek back again. Before we had time to recover, Colton Haynes gave us a preview of his and Charlie Carver‘s characters, Jackson and Ethan, once again walking the halls of Beacon Hills. With so many former cast members returning for the final 10 episodes, we couldn’t help but wonder what other shows had OG members come back for one last goodbye…