6 Television Show Casts That Reunited for a Co-Star’s Wedding

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There’s no way to truly describe the joy we, as fans, feel when our favorite TV co-stars hang out with each other off set. While some former co-workers simply can’t stand each other, especially when the cameras stop rolling, others are so close that they’ve pretty much become a family.

Although it makes us happy to see actors doing basically anything together, it’s even more heartwarming when we see them reunite for a special occasion… especially a wedding! Most recently, the Wizards of Waverly Place cast got together to watch as David Henrie and his girlfriend of three years, Maria Cahill, tied the knot. The Russo crew posed for photos together at the beautiful California ceremony and appeared overjoyed to be back together again; that’s what we love to see! And guess what? This kind of stuff happens all of the time!