9 Freakin’ Amazing Teen TV Series That Came to an End This Year

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This year has been very… ~interesting~. We have seen pretty much every wild and crazy fashion-trend prediction come true and, for some reason, eyebrows have become way more than just shaped hairs on our face.

Not only have the fashion trends become crazier by the day, but television and movies are suffering, too. Although we have had some killer movies this year — we’re pretty sure Wonder Woman is our queen now — it’s a known fact that this summer was one of the WORST in box-office history. Thankfully, we have a TON of movies to look forward to, especially from Disney and Marvel.

This year we’ve also had to deal with saying goodbye to some of our all-time favorite TV shows. It should have been illegal for Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf AND The Vampire Diaries to all end in the same year. With each new series finale, we couldn’t help but wonder which character would make a surprise return or what moment will become our new favorite.

It can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to find out that a beloved television program is ending, especially if its current season all of a sudden becomes its last. We got this feeling way too many times, especially when it came to our favorite teen dramas & comedies. Even some of the biggest and highest-rated shows were cut too short. (No, we’re not bitter about Girl Meets World, what are you talking about?)

We want give our fave TV shows an official and honorable goodbye. Although some of them had a proper send-off with excellent series finales, there are some that we will never truly know what happened to the characters. (Let’s be real, we’re still waiting for a real Victorious finale all these years later.)

So, gather around and get ready to pay your respects to the best teen TV shows that ended this year: