8 TV Reboots You Were Excited About That Aren’t Happening Anymore

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So, a year or so ago you heard that one of your favorite old TV shows was getting a reboot. Maybe you were ridiculously excited, maybe you were apprehensive, but curious, maybe you were horrified but knew you’d watch anyway. Whatever it was, you were ready for it to grace your TV screen so you could either stan the hell out of it or hate watch it every week.

Well, sorry, there might be a chance that that reboot you were so hype about isn’t even going to happen. Let me explain.

With shows like Twin Peaks getting the reboot treatment, as well as other ’80s and ’90s classics like The Addams Family, Charmed and Heathers rumored to be rebooted in the near future, it’s easy to say that reboots are huge right now. This is less about a lack of original ideas and more about these entertainment powerhouses not bothering to take risks with anything new and relying on old material… which is a whole other rant for another day. The point is this: reboot rumors are a real problem.

Even when they do happen, it’s always a messy ride. For example, there were rumors about an American Idol reboot, then a couple of months ago there were all these articles out there about how it wasn’t going to happen. Now… it’s definitely happening! WTF? Meanwhile, there are loads of shows you probably heard were going to be rebooted but now… definitely aren’t happening at all, or at least not anytime soon. Want to make sure that reboot you were waiting for isn’t one of them? Check out these eight TV reboots that aren’t actually going to happen. I mean, hey, maybe in a year one of these shows will end up on the air, but for now? They’re DOA.

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