15 of the Best Goth Girls From TV and Movies

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Glee Tina Vampire GIF

World Goth Day was this week! Yes, the world celebrated the loveliness of all things goth and all of those who wish to partake in its wonders. I’ve never identified as a goth, but I’ve always had some love for the aesthetic and I love ’80s goth rock like The Cure so… that must count for something? But I’ve always loved goth characters on TV shows and in movies, especially the girls like Lydia from Beetlejuice or Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. They were just always so comfortable in their own skin, very take it or leave it, this is me. There’s something really empowering about seeing that, especially as a kid.

To celebrate, here’s a roundup 15 of the best goth girls in movies and on TV. Of course, whether some of them are really goth or not will always be debatable, but one thing is certain: They definitely embrace a little darkness in their lives.

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