8 TV Moms Who Are Way Too Young to Parent Her On-Screen Child

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Is that her sister? Or her mother? Sometimes at first glance, it’s not easy to tell — especially on television shows. Hollywood’s obsession with youth often means that younger women are chosen to play characters a lot older than they actually are. It’s not only that, though, supernatural TV shows that have characters who stopped aging can also confuse the age differences between on-screen mother-child relationships. Some of these age differences are almost believable for a parent and their kid, whereas some of them are down-right laughable (3 months? Really??).

We want to give a special shout-out to The Vampire DiariesSara Canning, who played the legal guardian of Nina Dobrev‘s character, Elena, with only a 2-year age gap. Since she wasn’t really a “parent” in formal terms, we decided to leave her out. But don’t fret — there are still a lot of other on-screen mother-son and mother-daughter duos from your favorite shows that’s real-life age difference will make you say, “Huh?” Here are eight of the best examples of TV mamas who are far too young to have given birth to her on-screen child: