10 Good Girls from Your Favorite Teen Television Series… Who Went Bad!

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Is there anything worse than when your favorite good girl crosses over to the dark side? Sure, it happens IRL on occasion — like when Selena Gomez traded in her cookie-cutter, Disney Channel image for a more scantily-clad persona, courtesy of Spring Breakers — but it happens far more often on television — turning a series goody-two-shoes into a regular wild child.

While we root for them to go back to their old ways — pink-haired Quinn was the worst thing to happen to Glee (and that’s saying something)! — the dramatics of television can often leave our favorite characters grappling with an identity that just doesn’t suit them. We’re highlighting some of our favorite good girls from teen TV shows who made the transition from light to dark. Some of these ladies found their way back to their old ways, while others have us hanging on to see what will happen next: