7 TV Dads Who Are Way Too Young to Parent His On-Screen Child

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Part of a casting director’s job seems to be: Fill up TV shows with people who are as attractive as possible. Like, seriously, have you ever taken a moment to think of your favorite high school TV show or movie and wondered why everyone who goes to that school looks like a freakin’ supermodel?

Honestly, sometimes the ways that certain actors get their roles over others is straight-up ageist! Not only are most television HS kids being played by actors over 20 (which makes some of the more risque things they do look a little less shocking), but also most people playing their parents are super young, too!

When people who are too old to be playing teenagers are still reliving their glory days on the small screen and people who are too young to be parents of teenagers are hired to do just that anyways, that means there are gonna be some tight age differences. While basically all TV parent-kid age gaps are a little ‘spicious, we narrowed it down to the craziest of the cray-cray when it comes to father-child age differences on your fave teen dramas. Keep reading to see if your favorite TV daddies made the cut!