9 TV Crossovers That Should Definitely Exist

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It’s kind of a shame that crossovers aren’t more of a thing. If you have no idea what a crossover is, here’s the quick and dirty: a crossover is when two or more pieces of fiction intermingle — crossover — into one. For example, you might see crossovers in movies or on TV shows based on comic books; imagine if Luke Cage and Jessica Jones combined for an episode, which wouldn’t be too far fetched because they’re in the same Marvel universe. But some of the best crossovers aren’t of shows within the same franchise or anything like that. They’re totally random. TV crossovers used to be a more common occurrence than they are now, and while they were usually pretty goofy, some were really good. Sure, there were questionable ones too; who asked for a Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Odd Parents crossover? Literally nobody, but we still got the Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour, didn’t we? I do, however, remember loving the hell out of a Scooby Doo and Johnny Bravo crossover episode as a kid. It’s all about execution.

I’m not sure why there are less crossovers than their used to be, but hey, we’ll live. Still, it’s pretty fun to consider what would make for a good crossover in a perfect universe where whatever wacky idea we have actually materializes. Check out these nine crossovers that should exist IRL; we all need to let our imaginations run wild sometimes.

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