5 TV Couples That Deserve To Catch a Break

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Some couples have it easy. They go on dates, they have fun together, they fall in love. And then there are other couples who have to fight to make it. Here are five couples on TV that seem to always be struggling. Here’s hoping the universe will finally start smiling on them! We gotta root for love!

Adam and Cassie — The Secret Circle

First Adam was off limits because he was dating Cassie’s BF. Then when they finally do date, Cassie’s dad makes their lives miserable and convinces them to drink a potion that will make them forget their love for each other. We’re hoping Cassie’s dad eventually feels bad and makes Adam remember how much he loves Cassie. Problem solved!


Stefan and Elena — The Vampire Diaries

Talk about star-crossed lovers that have a bazillion things tearing them apart. Despite the major age difference, Klaus pretty much ruining their lives and, oh yeah, the fact that one’s a vampire and one’s not, Stelena is still a thing. While we do love the steamy scenes between Elena and Damon, we think she will end up with the one she was always meant to be with.


Kurt and Blaine — Glee

We’ve been rooting for this couple since the beginning, but Klaine has not had it easy. But even with Sebastian and Chandler coming between them and that whole episode with Blaine’s brother, Cooper, they seem to be back on track. And besides, there’s all that flack they get for being gay! These two def deserve a break — we could not bear it if they ended up singing a breakup song!

Glee's Klaine


Emma and Ethan — The Lying Game

This relationship was built on lies, so we can see why they’d end up having trouble. And then Ethan hooked up with his GF’s twin sister? Ick. Ethan’s going to have to do some major kissing up (perhaps literally) with Emma in order to win her back. We hope he can do it because these two are just so goshdarn cute.

ABC Family

Aria and Ezra — Pretty Little Liars

Where do we start with this couple? A) There’s an age difference, B) He was her teacher, C) Their entire relationship was a secret from everyone, D) They were banned from seeing each other, E) Her parents hate him, and F) Her dad conspired to get him to leave town. Uh, we almost ran out of letters listing the reasons why Ezria shouldn’t work. But there’s just too much love between these two to stay away.

ABC Family

Which of these couples has it the hardest? Any we forgot? And who do you hope lasts forever?

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