10 Pairs Of Co-Stars Who (Supposedly) Hate Each Other

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Not getting along with a co-worker is uncomfortable. When you have to deal with someone you dislike on a regular basis, things can get messy quickly. I’m not an actor, but I can imagine that this kind of co-worker feud is even worse when you’re a celebrity involved on a TV show. Not only do actors have to work with the person they don’t get along with, but they also usually have to pretend like they like that person on-set. Awkward!

For almost every popular TV show, there are rumors of a feud between two or more of the stars. Some of these feuds are backed up and legit, others are all about gossip and blind items. Some of the celebrities involved in these rumors deny that there’s any drama behind the scenes, while others don’t bother. We don’t even know if all of these stars really do dislike each other or not… but I kind of wish we did know the truth.

Inspired by the seemingless endless “feud” between Glee stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, here are ten pairs of co-stars who (supposedly) hate each other. Real or not real? We may never know.

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