7 TV Characters Who Hooked Up with Their Best Friend’s Girlfriend

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Nothing is off limits when it comes to television shows. Seriously, some of the stories that make it into TV shows are insane. For instance there are SO many twisted brother-sister relationships on TV that no one seems to think twice about. Plus, if we’ve learned anything from TV it’s that you should NOT base your mother-daughter relationship on the terrible role models on your TV screen.

That being said, friendships on TV shows aren’t very perfect either. There are way too many TV guys who have actually slept with their best friend’s girlfriends to count. Alright, that’s a bit dramatic, because have rounded up the bromances that were tested when one friend hooked up with the other’s girl below. See which characters got too close to their BFF’s girl now. Side note: There is one Glee friendship that we are still shocked made it through all the cheating scandals that happened throughout the series.