19 TV Characters Who Shockingly Died in 2017 That We’ll Never Get Over

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Fall means that tons of our favorite shows are back on the air and every day there’s something exciting happening to the biggest characters. Riverdale and Stranger Things are at the top of the charts we love escaping into a fictional world for an hour or so every night. What makes it even better is that it’s getting colder and colder, which means we have an even better reason to pile on the blankets and turn on the TV.

As exciting as it is to have new episodes of our fave shows, we can’t help but look back at everything that has already happened this year. We have had to say goodbye to far too many shows as well as characters who saw their untimely end. From long-awaited deaths to surprising murders, we rounded up 19 of the most shocking TV deaths of the year! BEWARE: Spoilers ahead for pretty much every major show!