6 Casts That Hang Out All the Time Even Though Their TV Show Ended Long Ago

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Even though celebrities are on the coolest TV shows and play best friends for years, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same rings true for their real-life selves. In fact, stories of co-stars who hated each other and couldn’t wait to finish their shows run rampant across the Internet all the time. However, there are the few casts that seem tighter than ever long after their television series go off the air.

Lots of your favorite TV stars still hang out with each other all the time. Whether it’s a cute pic of a sleepover or a dinner together, there are just some casts that never say goodbye to one another — and we absolutely love it! It’s always fun to know that even in real life, sometimes stars are just as close as their fictional characters. These stars kept the fun going long after the cameras stopped rolling: