6 TV Friendships that Make No Sense

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There’s the real world and then there’s TV World, but sometimes we think those pesky TV writers can’t tell the difference! Would you really be friends with the girl who stabbed you in the back? Or how about the blabbermouth down the hall? We’ve got the six most ridiculous friendships on TV, starting with…

6. Alison and, well, everyone, Pretty Little Liars
Could you stay friends with someone who you suspected would ruin your life with all the secrets they knew about you? The whole death thing put a damper on it, but Alison was a total meanie!

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5. Jade and Tori, Victorious
Jade is always pushing Tori around, so super-nice Tori is always putting up with her shenanigans. Could Jade still be punishing Tori for kissing Beck in episode 1? Talk about a grudge match.


4. Puck and Finn, Glee
How’d these two become friends in the first place? Even Mark Salling has admitted that it’s hard to make Puck a likeable character, and Finn is stuck playing his bestie. We’re not even getting into all their fights, lying and Quinn drama, either.


3. Blair and Serena, Gossip Girl
Both of these ladies have stolen each others’ boyfriends, ratted each other out to friends and family, competed for the same school, and yet still are BFFs. We’re still not sure if it’s ludicrously brilliant or just plain ludicrous.

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2. CeCe and Jess, New Girl
CeCe the model and Jess the adorkable teacher have so little in common, it makes you wonder why they’re friends in the first place. If CeCe criticizes Jess for her quirkiness one more time, we’re telling Zooey to go Casting ourselves.


1. Amy and Adrian, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
How could Adrian seduce Ben away from Amy and then require a goodbye kiss from Ricky years later? It takes guts to ask Amy’s permission, so we’re thinking that Amy recognizes that Adrian is her own worst enemy. Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, Ames?

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TV shows can’t survive without drama, but who would’ve thought that the drama was really between the friends and not the mortal enemies?  Which TV friendships do you think don’t make any sense?

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