14 TV Actresses You Couldn’t Tell Were Pregnant While Filming

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Now that Candice Accola has announced that she is pregnant, The Vampire Diaries fans are going crazy thinking about the fact that her character, Caroline Forbes, could become pregnant as a result. Okay, this seems unlikely, but it might happen. After all, plenty of real-life pregnancies have been written into television scripts before. The more likely situation, however, would be for the hit show on The CW to hide her growing baby bump, like so many other shows have done in the past.

Seriously, hiding one’s bump is very common when it comes to TV. In fact there are a LOT of stars you probably had no clue were preggers while filming their hit TV shows. Whether they were newly pregnant while filming or eight months pregnant, TV shows can magically cover a lot of things. Don’t believe us? Scroll through our list below to see which stars you didn’t know were expecting while they were also acting on TV: