8 Television Stars Who Think Filming Sex Scenes is the Literal Worst

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When you think about all the obvious perks of being a famous actor, things like being really rich, getting free swag and making out with lots of hot stars come to mind. But while getting paid to get up close and personal with someone like Ian Somerhalder or Dylan O’Brien seems like the actual dream, celebs who are really in the biz have a much different response to getting paid to film romantic scenes.

In some ways, it makes sense. Having to smooch over and over again in various levels of undress while 50 people are watching might give you a little bit of performance anxiety. Also, getting ~cuddly~ with someone who isn’t your significant other might just feel like you’re being a huge frickin’ jerk — even if it is, you know, for work.

Lots of movie stars have come out and declared their undying hatred for fake love-making, but the big screen isn’t the only place where actors pretend to get it on. While cable networks like HBO and Showtime tend to get fairly graphic with their sex scenes, even broadcast TV stations like The CW and MTV feature slightly toned-down versions of these romantic scenarios. This means that no matter what kind of actor you are, filming a sex scene is basically inevitable — and according to these eight TV stars, it pretty much sucks.