TV Actors Dated On-Screen Parents

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Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

David Anders played Nina's character's uncle/father on The Vampire Diaries and as if their fictional family ties weren't complicated enough, they added some personal connections into the mix.

On TVD, the 35-year-old plays John Gilbert, Elena's biological dad and the brother of her adoptive father. IRL, he and the 28-year-old were spotted partying together pretty frequently.

At one point, David even rose eyebrows and sparked dating rumors with a tweet that referred to the actress (who had recently broken up with her other co-star Ian Somerhalder) as "m'girl." Later, he "confirmed" the pairing with a tweet (RT'd by Ninz) saying, "Once again w/ @ninadobrev playing Ping Pong. Ps.Were totz dating.HA!Try 2 make another story outta that" (sense the sarcasm?).

Photo: The CW