32 Tumblr Posts That Explain Why Group Projects are the Worst

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In theory, group projects should be awesome. You get to work with a few other people, some of them who are probably your friends. It should mean that you have an excuse to hang out with friends or make new friends, that you don’t have to do as much work as if you were doing it on your own, and that it will make homework fun. But anyone who has done a group project knows that it is none of those things.

Instead, here’s what usually happens: you get stuck in a group with someone you hate, someone who doesn’t speak, the class slacker, and/or a friend. Your working style clashes with literally everyone else’s. Everyone has different schedules and planning to meet up is impossible. No one wants to do anything. One person is too bossy. You and your friend end up fighting over something stupid. You get stuck with all of the work. You try to do work but can’t and everyone calls you lazy. Etc, etc, etc.

Group projects are supposed to teach you how to work as a team, but instead, they usually make you hate everyone. Since most people work differently on homework and studying, it’s hard to mesh your style with three or five other people’s style. It’s tough to get your peers to do what they need to do when you’re not a figure of authority. We all know this, especially Tumblr! Here are 32 Tumblr posts that explain why group projects are the absolute worst:

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