We Played Truth or Dare with Lucy Hale & Tyler Posey & Things Got GROSS

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Everyone has played Truth or Dare at least once in their lifetime. It’s usually quite simple: One player asks another player to pick between a TRUTH or a DARE. If the second player chooses TRUTH, then the OG player asks a question — usually an embarrassing one — which the second player must answer honestly. If the second player chooses DARE, then the OG player dares them to do something — usually embarrassing or even dangerous — and so on, and so forth. Like we said, simple.

However, in the new horror movie Truth or Dare, the rules have been updated. Choose truth and lie? You die. Choose dare and turn it down? You also die. Wha-???

Considering the producers of the film at Blumhouse Productions are responsible for the likes of thrillers such as Get Out and Happy Death Day, it makes sense that everything goes awry while playing this kids’ game. But, since we’re not here for the whole dying part IRL, we, along with the flick’s stars, Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, changed things around when we played the game at the junket for the production — just so everyone knows it’s all in good fun.

EXCLUSIVE: Even Lucy’s friends can’t look at her the same way after Truth or Dare!

One of the rules in the scary movie is: You must tell the truth or you die. The Teen Wolf alum updated the rule to be: You must tell the truth or you have to eat… A FULL THING OF PANCAKES. Not too bad, if you ask us. The Pretty Little Liars alum, however, took a different approach: You must tell the truth or you have to eat… COW BALLS. Yup, she went there.

Another rule: You must do the dare or die. Lucy’s update: You must do the dare or you have to go to YOUR EX’S HOUSE and spend the night alone.

“That’s scary! That’s sometimes scarier than anything.”

Lastly, if you stop playing the game, then you die. But what if you had to choose between stopping the game and chugging tequila, vodka or Fireball shots… without a chaser?? To find out the cast’s answer, plus more goodies, watch Clevver’s interview above!