YouTuber’s Response to Leaked Nudes Keeps Getting More & More Surprising

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When celebrities learn that their private accounts were hacked and personal (sometimes NSFW) photos are now available for millions to see, they typically either get mad and rant about their understandable right to privacy, or stay quiet and let their legal team handle everything. When Troye Sivan learned that someone gained access to his iCloud account last week and released a naked pic, however, he decided to take a different route.

Instead of letting anger get the best of him, the “Youth” singer decided to make a joke out of the situation, tweeting a conversation with his manager in which he confirms that he “looks good” in the shot.

While the 21-year-old did take a break from social media for the few days following the leak, he eventually returned and refused to let hacker win… so he decided to capitalize on the incident. Troye’s second line of defense? Casually releasing a line of unisex underwear in response to his leaked nudes.

According to the former YouTube star, the undies will be available “for like a week.”

There’s nothing okay about having your personal life exposed online, but we think it’s safe to say Troye is definitely coming out on top this time. SLAY!

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