Troye Sivan Was Sexually Harassed by Man Who Claimed to be Music Manager

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Troye Sivan is currently a powerhouse in Hollywood, doing things like performing with Taylor Swift and collaborating with Ariana Grande. But just a few years ago he was simply a YouTube star trying to make it big. Like most up-and-coming artists, the 23-year-old would’ve done almost anything to become successful in Hollywood and, unfortunately, someone tried to take advantage of that willingness.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, the “My My My” crooner admits he was sexually harassed by a man who claimed to be a music manager when he was starting his career as a singer.

“I was so naive about everything and about the industry,” he says. “I had no idea how to check if someone was legit or not. [He] promised the world to me and then as we got closer just completely inappropriately, you know, started … everything changed all of a sudden. It was super weird.”

Troye explains that the man “took advantage of him over Skype,” which caused him to tell his parents and stop speaking with him. Contact stopped almost immediately and they didn’t speak for several years… until, that is, the young musician — wait for it — ran into the sexual harasser on the street in Los Angeles.

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The Australian crooner’s admission just strengthens his incredibly open and honest relationship with fans, some of which have been supporting him since he came out in a YouTube video back when he was only 18 years old. While his fans exist in the millions, he still tries his hardest to make as many one-on-one connections as possible.

He explains, “That’s where I [can] look at that person and be like, I see you, I see what you are going through, I’m proud of you of getting to the point you have gotten to, and keep going; everything is eventually going to be all right.”

We stan a supportive sister!