This YouTuber is Handling His Leaked Nudes WAY Differently Than Most

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Celebrities have a lot in common — fame, fortune, fans, etc. But one of the unfortunate things many stars also share is having their privacy invaded. Troye Sivan, a sweet little peach who rarely finds himself the subject of anything controversial, now joins that club.

The 21-year-old YouTube-star-turned-singer woke up today to learn that someone hacked his personal iCloud account and leaked a naked picture. While nothing particularly incriminating can actually be seen in the shot (which we’re not going to re-post out of respect), it’s very obvious that the “Youth” crooner isn’t wearing any clothes and obviously wanted it to remain private.

Instead of getting angry, denying that the pic is real, going on a rant about privacy, or doing something that most other celebs do in the wake of a situation like this, the Aussie instead decided to go the Calum Hood route and make it into a joke

But even though Troye was laughing in the text, deep down he really is hurt by the hack and asked his fans not to continuously spread the pic.

He also told a fan that he’s “kinda not” okay right now, but is trying to deal as best as possible.

UGH! Troye is a smol gentle soul who must be protected at all costs.

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