One of Your Favorite Gay YouTubers Helps Fan Come Out as Transgender

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Less than three months ago, Troye Sivan helped one of his fans come out as bisexual to her mom by reading a note on stage at his Washington D.C. show. “If you are reading this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please,” it read. *Chills* And now, even though the openly gay singer didn’t DIRECTLY have a hand in another one of his fans coming out to a loved one, he definitely played a big role.

Earlier today, one of the 20-year-old’s biggest Troyblemakers, Evan, posted screenshots of a text conversation he had with his dad, telling him he was transgender. According to the fan, the “Youth” singer was a major factor in inspiring him to finally be open with his father.

While some people have a hard time with their family and friends’ responses after coming out, Evan’s dad luckily had an AMAZING reaction to his son’s news. Be still our hearts!

Even though Troye hasn’t (to our knowledge) reached out to Evan about his incredible story, he’s definitely aware of it as he favorited the tweet on his Twitter page.


It’s amazing to know that while some YouTubers are total d-bags, others have an extremely positive impact on the lives of thousands.


These YouTubers’ public coming-out videos definitely helped others come out, too: