Pretty Little Liars Girl Defends Celeb Who Admitted to Being a Child Molester

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At this point, almost everyone knows the disturbing tale that Lena Dunham, Girls actress and one of Taylor Swift‘s best friends, shared in her book, Not That Kind of Girl. “I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open vagina,” the 30-year-old star remembered about a time years ago when she sexually violated her little sister. Lena obviously didn’t see a problem with including this memory in her autobiography, but MILLIONS of people did — she literally admitted to molesting a child. The self-proclaimed feminist has since apologized, but still lost tons of fans because of it. One supporter that stuck around? Troian Bellisario.

The drama started when the Pretty Little Liars star shared an article from Lena’s website about how sexual predators deserve to be seriously punished for their crimes. While people obviously agreed with her sentiment wholeheartedly, one person couldn’t help but point out what LD herself admitted to doing to her sis. The 31-year-old didn’t believe what the fan was saying, however, and responded that she would block her for spewing “lies…without any evidence.”

Although social media users bombarded her with messages that there WAS, in fact, evidence supporting the fan’s claims, Troian still didn’t seem to believe them and said the tale was taken out of context.

Eventually, the PLL girl took the time to read the passage, but still defended Lena because she’s an “advocate on ever level for victims of sexual abuse.”

Fans tried their best to explain the problems with Lena’s quotes AND Troian’s defense, which the latter eventually took to heart and apologized for speaking without being totally informed.

Do you accept Troian’s apology?

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