Trivia Game: How Well Do You Know Selena Gomez?

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It’s the year of Selena Gomez! Selena took over the world in 2013 with her new album, Stars Dance, two new movies and a sold out tour. Is there anything this girl can’t do? Minus the feud with Lorde, Selena seems like she’s having the best year of her life. She’s growing up, maturing, and sharing a lot of her life through her music. Now, because of that a lot of fans (like us!) think we know Selena, but how well do we really know her? To put our Selena knowledge to the test let’s play the true or false game! Give it a try below and see if you really are a Selenator. Let us know how you do in the results below!

1. TRUE or FALSE: Selena’s production company is called July Sky Productions.

CLICK HERE to find out the answer!

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