Video Shows Tristan Thompson Cheated on Khloe Kardashian Months Ago, Too

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Tristan Thompson is trash, period. Yesterday, pictures of the NBA star kissing a mystery woman at a NYC club over the weekend while pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is sitting in Cleveland waiting to give birth surfaced. And yeah — that’s really bad. But that’s not even the worst of things. Shortly after the photos surfaced, TMZ obtained a video dating back to October 2017 that shows the 27-year-old allegedly cheating on the 32-year-old with multiple women while in Washington D.C. for a basketball game. So let’s just say it one more time — TRISTAN *claps* THOMPSON *claps* IS *claps* TRASH *claps*.

Tristan was caught on security cam footage on October 7, 2017 at a hookah lounge outside Washington D.C. sitting between three women. At one point, he leans over and starts making out with the lady sitting furthest to his right while another girl watches on. When the makeout sesh is over, the middle woman grabs Tristan’s head and pushes it into her breasts.

Khloe and Tristan started dating back in September 2016 and, as far as we know, have been going strong ever since. The blonde is due to give birth any day now, meaning that she was about three months pregnant at the time this video was taken.

According to the eyewitness who saw the Cleveland Cavaliers player kissing a girl who is NOT Khloe over the weekend, he wasn’t being very subtle with his infidelity.

“I was there and he was on the table right next to us with a group of friends and some girl who he was obviously making out with all night,” she told Daily Mail. “They were holding each other and it was so obvious. They were there when I got there and they were part of a big group of friends. They were talking and being around each other all night.”

“He was texting and talking on the phone and she was obviously looking over his shoulder. Everybody knew who he was. We talked about it and everybody watched them make out several times. I have obviously seen him before and people around me were like, ‘That’s Tristan Thompson.’ I have seen him on TV.”

The mystery woman is allegedly Lani Jordan, an Instagram model who was later seen entering Tristan’s NYC hotel after they left the club.

Khloe deserves SO much better.