YouTube Star Encouraged to Commit Suicide Days After Outing Ex-Bae

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The beginning of the week started with Trisha Paytas (known as blndsundoll4mj on YouTube) finding out that her longtime boyfriend Sean van der Wilt cheated on her with another man. Although the YouTuber was clearly heartbroken and needed as much support as she could get, many people attacked her for outing the dancer against his will, something that she said she never intended to do. When Sean got wind that the blonde made a video about his alleged relationship with another guy, he agreed with those saying she was wrong and — wait for it — threatened to sue her.

Since that whole drama spree happened, the 27-year-old has come out as gay herself and promised that she never meant to hurt her ex in any way, but was simply upset about that he lied to her. While the Seansha drama has (kinda) calmed down in the past day or so, the people who support the 36-year-old are still not happy about the YT star’s actions and are taking bullying to a whole new level by telling her to kill herself.


It’s obviously not okay to encourage anyone to commit suicide, but it’s especially disgusting given Trisha’s past struggles with mental illness. Stay strong, Trish!

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