YouTube Star Trisha Paytas Exposes a “Celebrity F*ckboy” for Standing Her Up

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Hey, it’s your girl, Trisha Paytas, coming at you with yet another problematic storytime video. The 29-year-old YouTube star, who’s also known as blndsundoll4mj, recently exposed a famous guy for canceling a date in a video titled, “I WAS STOOD UP TONIGHT | ANOTHER CELEBRITY F*CKBOY EXPOSED!”

According to the platinum blonde, she and famed WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler (a.k.a. Nicholas Theodore Nemeth) had plans to meet up for happy hour on Thursday, June 1. She allegedly had sex with him about a year ago, and claimed it was the best sex ever (though, she also claimed that she was high and on drugs when she said it), so she was looking forward to it.

Around the time the two were supposed to meet up, Trisha said the 36-year-old “f*ckboy” sent her a text saying, “I’m gonna flake, (frowny face).” Soon after, he reportedly said, “I’m old. […] Have to. Still at the airport. Eyes are burning. Can’t do it.” He tried to make plans for the following evening… but she was NOT having any of it.

Ironically, she, herself, canceled a date that very night to meet up with him, so viewers were quick to point out her hypocrisy, and express their anger for her calling out Dolph online. A lot of them got so worked up, they started sending her death threats!

So, naturally, Trisha made another YouTube video; this one called, “WWE FANS SUCK!” In the nearly 15 minutes of footage, the YT star reads some of the messages she’s been receiving across multiple social media platforms, all of which were quite… colorful.

She also took to Twitter to air out her frustrations:

“f*ck,” she added. “[F]irst I got all these dude wrestlers coming for my p*ssy, now these chick wrestlers?! can we all just leave a youtube chick alone?!”

And so on, and so forth.

“If this guy, f*cking Dolph Ziggler — who is traditionally good looking, has a good job — even he is not worth it, girls” — that’s the lesson Trisha wants you to take from all of this.
Trisha’s faced her fair share of difficulties — including bipolar disorder: