YouTuber Forced to Leave YouTube After Stalker Makes Threatening Video

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It was just a few weeks ago that Zoe Sugg opened up about a strange man waiting outside her house and following her around town. Although it turned out that Zoella’s stalker was actually a paparazzo who just wanted some pictures, the person who’s been harassing another YouTube star for years has reached a new level of terrifying.

Trisha Paytas was forced to upload a video called “My Online Stalker” last night in hopes of publicly stopping a man who has followed her every move for more than five years.

“The only reason why I’m doing this video is because I’m genuinely scared of this person,” the 27 year old said at the start of the video. “I just have to make a public declaration; I’m not trying to be dramatic whatsoever. I’ve never in my life, my 9 years of being on social media and YouTube, never have I felt so threatened at this point.”

The YouTube star then went on to explain how she’s been receiving comments from a man for many years, and she always assumed he was just a hardcore fan. While she initially would reply as much as possible and support his dedication, she began to feel uncomfortable when the attention became overwhelming.

“He would leave the same comment on every single form of social media. Everything I tweeted would get a response. Every video I made would get a response. Every single tweet, every single post would have the same comment, the same message,” she continued. “What’s not awesome is when that person starts turning on you. And I don’t know what set this person off. I don’t know what happened, other than the fact that I wasn’t responding to this person enough.”

What Trisha was referring to was a video that her stalker uploaded, explaining how angry he was that “a friendship that [he] thought lasted over five and a half years apparently was a joke to someone.”

“She posted publicly, that I was somehow threatening her and scaring her,” he said. “She said that she was not going to call anymore of her fans [on Skype] because of me. She blocked me. [Her fans] started f*cking going at me. Calling me a loser, a pedophile, a stalker, a rapist. Even calling me retarded. I’m f*cking hurt by it. I stood by her, time and time again! Now, I have people wishing death on my mother. If you have a problem with me, talk to me. But no, she made it a public thing. I’m going through HELL because of your fans.”

The blonde said that the man’s video made her blood boil and then turn “ice cold.”

“That’s not normal behavior, and to me I take that very seriously; I take that very threatening. It’s almost as if this person’s obsession is still there, but instead of love it’s now anger and hate. And that to me is extremely scary, when this person has been fixated on me for 5 years.”

Although she’s been taking steps to get a restraining order, apparently there is “very little” cops can do about online stalking, so she is doing the only thing that makes her feel somewhat safer — taking a break from the Internet.

“It’s getting extremely, extremely scary, so I am just going to take some time off YouTube. It’s not gonna be a long time. I have some pre-recorded videos that I’m probably going to end up throwing up again — I am so sorry, guys.”

The YouTuber also went on to say she also won’t be posting on Snapchat anymore, because the police advised her to no longer give public real-time updates about her life. Ugh — we are so sorry she’s dealing with this terrifying situation.

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