Trisha Paytas Calls Out Laura Lee for “Bullsh*t Apology” Over Racist Tweets

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Trisha Paytas isn’t a stranger to drama, especially on YouTube, but she typically doesn’t comment on other people’s controversies. But after she watched Laura Lee sit down in front of a camera and apologize for retweeting “vile and hurtful” tweets several years ago, she simply couldn’t hold her tongue.

The blonde YouTuber responded to Laura’s apology video by uploading her own titled “LAURA LEE’S BULLSH*T APOLOGY,” which — you guessed it!!! — calls out the beauty guru for putting on a show as the camera was rolling and not actually owning up to her past racism.

“You cannot make an apology bullsh*t,” the 30-year-old says. “People will see through the bullsh*t and…fake tears.”

laura lee crying apology video

YouTube (laura88lee)

When Laura issued her first apology, she ~defended~ herself by saying, “As a small town girl from Alabama I wish I had the cultural education six years ago that I have now.”

Trisha explains that she, too, came from a very small, sheltered town, but always knew, no matter what, that using the N-word or making offensive racial comments is not okay.

She continues in the vid, “It’s just disgusting. It’s obviously this insecure little mousey girl from southern who knows where. Just super insecure. To this day, still so insecure; you can see it through this video. Fake crying… this does not affect her at all. It honestly made me so upset.”

“Everybody knows better. It’s not about being cultured; it’s about not saying racist sh*t,” she says passionately. “You said it; own it. Apologize. Unless you’re not actually sorry… and I’m not seeing any actual apology. There’s no remorse. But here’s the thing — if you’re a racist person, you’re a racist person and that’s just what it is.”

TP calls LL’s apology “so half-a**ed and such a slap in the face” because she only mentioned her retweets, not the actual racist tweets she wrote, which is the main issue most viewers have with the apology, as well.

laura lee racist tweet

Twitter (@laura88lee)

You can watch Trisha’s full reaction video above.