Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash are Already Back Together, a Week After Split

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In what may be the least shocking news of all time, Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash are already back together, just about a week since they first broke up.

The 30-year-old decided to break up with the 45-year-old because he joked about her being “fat” and then couldn’t see the problem with what he said, even after she told him it really hurt her feelings. But, just like she promised to take a hiatus from YouTube until she lost 50 pounds, her promise of being dunzo with the former Vine star was quickly broken.

“Life’s too short to not follow your heart,” she tweeted over the weekend. “Forgive easily and love often.”

The blonde also posted a video explaining the pair’s decision to get back together and even included a Q&A with her boyfriend, but admitted that there’s still issues they need to work on.

She wrote in the description box, “I thought we’d be giving you a ‘we are so in love, can’t quit each other’ type video but that’s just not real life. I do love him. We’ll just see how things go…”

Jason also posted a vid on his own YouTube channel announcing that he and Trish are dating again, but revealing that they probably won’t appear in many videos together, as this was causing may of their problems.

“It’s just a source of a lot of fights,” he said about the decision to keep their romance off of YT.

It’s clear that TP and JN have a long way to go to get back to the solid relationship they once had, but we wish them nothing but the best as they go on that journey.