Trisha Paytas Was Harassed at Her Own Party, But Had the Cops Called on Her

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If you know anything about Trisha Paytas, then you’re aware that she loves to throw elaborate parties, especially for her birthday, and this year was no different. While the YouTube star paid over $5000 to celebrate turning 29 years old with all her friends and premiere her “Freaky” music video, she was actually met with the most effed-up situation ever, and left the event in tears.

According to the YouTube star, she was promised a ton of stuff by the club where she held the party, including a dressing room, lighting and sound for a performance, the ability to have a cake-cutting ceremony and more. Unfortunately, the sh*t show started almost immediately after she walked in, when one of the bartenders said she did NOT have a party booked and had to get out of “his bar.”

She didn’t immediately leave and guests showed up and were having a good time, until one of the managers said she and her crew were being “aggressive” and told them they needed to get out. Trisha’s family and friends were obviously confused and questioned them about this decision, to which they decided to have the cops called to escort them out of the club. The YT girl didn’t want any trouble, so she announced to all her party guests that they were getting kicked out and everyone had to leave, but she stayed behind until her dancers could come and get their belongings.

“A couple of [the security guards] start grabbing sh*t and were just taking sh*t and throwing it where the bathrooms were,” she explained.

The blonde also revealed that a few of her party-goers, including her mom, her sister, and her stylist were assaulted by the club’s security guards who physically made them leave the the premises. Luckily, everyone ended up going to a different bar after this all happened, and she ended up having a great night despite the drama. Unfortunately, the club charged her the full amount even though she was only there for about half of the time.

It’s honestly a LONG AF story that’s pretty darn dramatic, so you can watch the watch Trisha’s entire explanation below.

There was some serious DRAMA on YouTube last year and — you guessed it — Trisha Paytas was one of the people involved: